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5 Things to Purchase When You Move into a New Home

Prioritize Your Financial Expenditures

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This article was updated on 01/17/19. Happy National Bootleggers Day!

Immediately after arriving at your new home, you will realize there are a few purchases that you had not considered but that you need to make rather quickly. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving and fail to prepare for some of your basic needs.

  1. Window Treatments

    Unless you are willing to forfeit your privacy, one of the first purchases you will need to make is window treatments. At first, you may simply want to purchase window coverings for function and buy more decorative window treatments once you’ve settled in.

    Today most homeowners are saving a lot of money by dealing with companies like where you can shop for blinds, shades, window treatments, cellular blinds, roller shades and more! DIY installation has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This is just one of the DIY projects that will save you a considerable amount of money.

  2. New Energy-Efficient Appliances

    If your home has the basic appliances, you might not feel any pressure to buy a stove and refrigerator as soon as you move in, but you should make sure that what’s there isn’t old, dirty or unsafe to use.

    Even If you own smaller appliances that you are bringing from a previous home or apartment, you may want to slowly swap them out for new ones, whose color or size better fits your current kitchen and your current needs.

    While you go through the replacement process, be aware that there are many new ones that are much more energy-efficient than the ones of yesteryear. In addition, many of the ones bearing the Energy Star label may be eligible for an energy tax credit when you file your federal income tax return. Always be sure to ask about this when shopping, or research it on the internet; these things can change on an annual basis.

  3. Replace Your Locks for Security

    A couple’s first new home; photo courtesy Marlena Stoddard Even if you are the first person to live in your home, you will definitely want to change the locks as soon as you move in; there is no telling who has access to the existing keys.

    Especially when you buy an older home, there is no way to know how many people the former owner shared keys with. Buying new locks is a security measure you don’t want to overlook.

  4. Lawn Equipment

    If this is your first single family home, you will need to purchase some lawn care equipment. It is best to buy quality equipment that will last like a Ryobi electric mower.

    However, if you are unsure what you need to care for your lawn, discuss it with the experts who can help you find the best equipment for your specific landscaping and lawn situation. You will also need some other lawn care items such as a garden hose, rake, shovel, and various other tools to help you maintain a lawn that your neighbors will envy.

    There is virtually no end to the equipment you can acquire depending on how far you want to automate your work. Weed-eaters, hedge trimmers, edgers, wheelbarrow, hoe, etc. But you can acquire these on an as-needed basis. Also consider a rainwater harvesting barrel. Your garden will thank you.

  5. Furniture

    You may have collected a few pieces of furniture from family and friends or may have some items to bring from your apartment or previous residence, but you will soon find that it takes quite a bit of furniture to furnish an entire house in the style you require.

    Since you may not be able to buy all of the furniture you need immediately after moving in, why not make a priority list to determine which rooms get furnished and decorated first?

    Don’t forget to prioritize your purchases. For example, if you are putting together a home office for your online business, obviously fitting it out makes more sense than a huge dining table.

It’s always a good idea to set aside some extra money so that once you become a homeowner you can immediately buy some of the basic essentials. Each person’s situation is different, but there’s always a few things that a new home owner will need that they had not thought of prior to moving in.

These 5 things to purchase when you move into a new home are a good jumping off point and I hope they will help you when you move in. If so, please share the read with a friend. Thanks for visiting this site!

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