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Adding Light to Your Home Office

Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting Fixtures in the Home Office Lessen Eyestrain, Increases Productivity

© 2010 by Alyssa Davis all rights reserved.

A classic tiffany lamp shows the beautiful blue color, photo courtesy of DontBeBlue

A classic tiffany lamp shows the beautiful blue color, photo courtesy of DontBeBlue

This article was updated on 10/02/20.

Lighting is one of the most important issues to consider when designing your home office. You want a comfortable place to work, where you don’t have to worry about getting sufficient light. Working or reading should not cause your eyes to strain either because of the dimness or glare in the room.

There are several factors to consider when adding light to your home office, including what time of the day your office will be used, how much natural light is available, the texture and paint on the walls, and what activities you will be carrying out in the space.

Choose a Good Desk Lamp

Finding a good desk lamp is probably at the top of the list when it comes to lighting up your home office. A desk lamp with a charging port, flexible arm, and shade provides focused light when you need to read, do paperwork, or type at your computer.

Being able to direct the light to different areas of the desk as needed will help prevent eyestrain and improve concentration and productivity. A desk lamp is not only functional and sleek with its metallic finish, but has an added advantage of saving space on the desk surface, compared to most other types of table lamps.

If you are concerned about not having enough power outlets for a desk lamp, shop for a lamp that has an extra couple of outlets built into its base. With less tangling of wires, it offers a more efficient, streamlined look for your desk.

Install Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting provides overall brightness for the home office, which is essential, since you will also need to clearly see items on bookshelves, file cabinets, bulletin boards, and other office equipment.

Overhead lighting is your best bet, but floor or table lamps work well. Do not install lighting that is too dim or glaring. Full-spectrum bulbs that simulate sunlight create a more natural and pleasant environment.

Add Accent Lighting

Because it is most often a personal space, feel free to decorate your home office in a style that suits your personality. Choose items that you enjoy having around and that add to the quality of your daily activities.

This applies to accent lighting, like table lamps and wall sconces. Added on top of a bookshelf or beside a piece of wall art, your accent lighting can be a cheerful source of color and interest in the room.

Increase Natural Lighting

If you plan to use your home office mainly at night, installing sufficient ambient lighting and adding a desk lamp should adequately meet your lighting needs. If your home office is to be used mostly during the day, maximizing the amount of natural light in the room can make a big difference to your working environment.

Most people find that daylight helps them be alert and productive. Consider if you need to change your type of window treatment, and how you may position your desk and other furniture items in the room so you can get greatest access to natural light.

If you found this information about adding light to your home office helpful please pass the link along. Comments or ideas? Add them in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting.

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