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Adding Style to Your Home with Clocks

These Large Timepieces Will Keep you on Schedule, Whether on the Wall, on the Fireplace Mantle, or Freestanding

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Ornate antique wall clocks, photo courtesy Arnaud 25

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Although clocks are certainly a functional addition to your home, they can also be useful for adding a stylish and decorative touch. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors, a well-chosen clock can often be just as decorative as a piece of wall art.

In fact, some are so unique that they could even qualify as wall art, since the look more like sculpture than a clock. Whether you choose a traditional timepiece or something strikingly modern, such as the very popular Atomic Clocks™ that are perfectly synchronized with the government atomic clock, clocks can work well in any room of your home as well as keeping you on schedule.

Choosing a Clock Style

When choosing a clock for your home, you will want to take a few factors into consideration. These include the size of the wall, the amount of floor space, fireplace mantle or table space available, and of course the overall style of your room.

Decorative wall clocks can work well in almost any room, with styles ranging from fun and whimsical to elegant and contemporary. Oversized clocks work well for large or tall walls; streamlined ones in small spaces.

The larger stylish timepieces often work well in large rooms with vaulted ceilings. Or, feature a small tabletop or wall clock for the smaller rooms in your home, such as the bedroom or bath. You will also want to take the face of the clock into consideration.

If you plan on using the clock in a highly functional manner, such as a kitchen clock that the family looks at often when they are getting ready for work and school, then you will want to make sure the hands and numbers are easy to see.

However, if you are selecting the clock as primarily a decorative accent, you might want to select something more stylish, such as a clock without numbers or one with stylized hands. There are also whimsical clock styles available that work well to accent a room’s overall decorating theme in a fun way.

Special Purpose Clocks

There are also clocks available that serve special purposes in addition to simply displaying the time. They are designed to include other specific features, such as a thermometer, barometer, forecast, date, or humidity gauge.

Some of these clocks are designed for indoor or outdoor use, while others can only be used indoors. If you wish to use a clock outdoors, be sure to select one that is designed for exterior use. It should be waterproof and be able to be secured properly.

Outside clocks are specially designed to seal out moisture and stand up to the elements, which will ruin an indoor clock in short order.

Tabletop and Floor Clocks

Tabletop clocks can be used in a number of decorative and useful ways in the home. They work well as a mantel, desk or bedside clock. As a general rule, bedside clocks should include an alarm feature.

These clocks can be designed in whimsical or artistic shapes, or with a simple and timeless beauty. Either way, they can be used to add a touch of style and functionality to the rooms of your home.

A grandfather clock is designed to be free-standing on the floor, and can add a lot of style to a room decorated in a traditional or formal fashion. Although many people think of grandfather clocks as being large, there are also compact styles that are designed to work beautifully in smaller rooms.

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