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Adding a Mini Library in the Guest Room

Create a Soothing, Comfortable Space with Calm Colors, Sturdy Furniture, and Tasteful Accessories

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Old bookshelves in a home library, photo courtesy Sbrools

A home library will sooth your intellectual soul. Indulge.

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A guest room is one of the most versatile rooms in a house. It can serve the sole purpose of guest retreat or it can double as a variety of other spaces. One optimal way to use a guest room space for another purpose is to incorporate a library area into the room.

Adding a mini library in the guest room is a wonderful way to treat guests to a relaxing atmosphere, while providing the homeowners with an everyday nook for escaping into a good book or Amazon Kindle experience.

Choose Lighter and Soothing Room Colors

Since the room will be doubling as a guest room as well as a library, it’s important to decorate the space with calm, soothing colors. Bright, bold reds and yellows are out, while soft, soothing butter cream and warm grays are in. If the room’s furniture is already established, try to include colors that coordinate with it.

If you are at a loss for the perfect color, begin with an Oriental area rug and choose one of the lighter and calmer colors in the design for paint on the walls. Remember that the color of the room is just as important for creating a restful space as the books and guest furniture in the room.

Use Sturdy yet Comfortable Furniture

When adding a mini library in the guest room, furniture from other areas of the house may be pulled into use. A little used chair from the living room or an old bookcase from a play room can be re-purposed and used to make the space feel more comfortable.

If you are using furniture that you already have, be sure that the pieces are sturdy, but above all, supremely comfortable and cozy. No one will spend time in the mini library if the chairs are uncomefortable and the lighting is dim.

If your furniture will all be brand new, look for an oversized chair and ottoman that fits in your room without feeling overpowering. A love seat that transforms into an additional sleeping space is also a grand idea, especially if families with small children frequently come to visit.

Be sure that the fabric of the furniture is soft and inviting, but on the other hand, also durable. Investing in quality pieces will result in furniture that will last longer and will continue to look great in the guest room space.

How to Style with Accessories & Books

Every library, even mini ones, has its accessories. For a guest room mini library the key elements to strive for are good lighting and an uncluttered look. The lighting can be achieved with wall mounted reading lamps and a standing floor lamp or two that directs the light down toward the reading area. The other room spaces are not as important in this area.

An uncluttered appearance is easily achieved by keeping books neat and tidy and placing any small items in covered baskets on the shelves or next to the reading chair.

The selection of books in the room is also important. Choose books that are of the most interest to you; chances are that you already own them. If you know that a guest is fond of a particular author, have one of his books sitting on the nightstand or propped up on the bookshelf. Consider who will be using the room the most and stock the shelves accordingly. An eclectic variety of books is always a good choice. Harry Potter or Tom Clancey? You choose.

Adding a mini library in the guest room will make book-loving guests feel right at home. They will enjoy being able to choose a book to read in bed, without having to traipse through the house looking for one. Homeowners will also enjoy the private space after guests have gone. A mini library is the perfect addition for an in-house retreat.

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