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Balance a Room with Faux Windows:

Open Up and Increase Character in an Interior Space with a Mural, Photo, LED Screen, and More

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A comfortable, well-decorated living room, photo courtesy Jessica Ackerman

This article was updated on 01/30/19. Happy National Croissant Day!

One of the principles of interior design that can help create great-looking rooms is having balance in the space. In the same way that the size of furniture and the colors should be evenly distributed in a space, a good balance in the placement of windows contributes to a visually pleasing room.

However, in many unfortunate cases, a room may be lacking in balance in this aspect, or have no windows at all to speak of. One clever solution is to add faux windows using a window frame and a mural, poster, mirror, or stained glass.

Faux windows to create the appearance of openness and depth. They may add light to a room if backlit, or if constructed using a mirror that reflects natural and artificial light. Faux windows also add color and enhance the intended theme of the room de´cor through the scenes created and the type of window frame used.

Where to Use Faux Windows

The basement and bathroom are two classic examples of the types of rooms commonly designed by architects with few or no windows. Adding a faux window has been shown to brighten the room and certainly makes the de´cor more interesting. In other rooms, adding faux windows on one side of the space will provide balance to a fireplace or large painting placed on the other side of the space.

Kinds of Faux Windows

  • A Realistic Mural: From beach scenes to Tuscan landscapes to mountain views, you have access to a wide variety when it comes to selecting the picture for your faux windows.

    A quick and inexpensive way to create a faux window is to paste a landscape poster on your wall, and mount the window glass and frame over it. This may fool some of the people some of the time as long as they do not look too closely. Life is an illusion, after all.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a watercolor painting or hand-paint a mural on the wall itself. Trompe l’oeil paintings are particularly ideal as a faux window scene.

    This style of painting gives the illusion that the picture is three dimensional, giving depth to the scene.

  • Use a Photograph: Somewhat more realistic, photos blown up to your ideal window size allow you to create faux windows that offer a more personal and unique view.

    Some people take scenes from their backyard, while others have a favorite landscape photo to use. The advantage of using photos is that you can change them regularly according to the season or when the mood strikes.

    Note: If you take this approach in a bathroom, try not to depict anyone gazing back in. To observe is divine; to be observed; not so much!
  • Backlit and LED screen: This is a bit more of an expensive solution, but oh so realistic and visually appealing. To make your faux window look more convincing, install fluorescent lighting inside the top frame of the window. The window frame will have to be attached to the wall with sufficient space to accommodate the light box.

    To create a translucent effect, transfer your image onto a transparency and attach onto the window pane. An LED screen is another way to achieve a luminous effect.

  • The Traditional Mirror and Stained Glass approach: Faux windows can be created using a mirror instead of glass, attached to a window frame and mounted onto the wall.

    The mirror reflects light and adds depth to the room.

    Decorating the window with curtains, shutters, or other window treatments adds to the look and can help it blend in with the rest of the room. Stained glass faux windows that are backlit also make a beautiful statement in a room.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to balance a room with faux windows helpful in your home design and interior decorating. If so, I would consider it a favor if you shared the link with friends. And if you have some related ideas please share them with our readers in the comment section below.

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