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Contributing Writers Guidelines

Standard Disclaimer:

Any project which requires the use of tools carries the potential for injury. Use caution and your safety gear, this site won't be liable!

Yes, I accept guest articles at all my sites (the links to the other sites are in my signature below). The writer’s guidelines are fairly standard:

  1. Only unique, never published before content.

  2. Wordcount of 500 to 1000 words (a bit longer if the topic demands it for comprehensive treatment). Articles longer than that should be broken up into 2 pieces.

  3. Up to 2 text links (no longer than 3 anchor words in length each) in the body of the article. You may link to your own sites or sites you are writing for but no affiliate ads.

  4. A short author bio is optional but encouraged. I need at least a full name for the byline though.

  5. A relevant photo which you have the publishing rights to is also optional but encouraged. Always provide owner or photographer credits as I put this in the alt tag. We do not plagiarize.

  6. No “fluff” pieces or content that has been overdone on the web. We are always looking for interesting approaches that engage the reader and provide real value.

  7. References are important. If you are an expert, that’s fine, list your credentials in your bio, but if you researched facts like statistics, say, “According to, 5% of widgets are defective.”, or something along those lines. Please do not reference Wikipedia!

  8. DIY projects are inherently dangerous due to ladders, power tools, flying detritus, poorly-aimed hammers, etc. All how-to articles should promote safety, first and foremost.

Note that I do edit each article carefully as I format it. Specifically, I correct grammar, change details for site consistency (like adding the Oxford comma where needed), and sometimes add more detail to give the article more substance (for Google Juice). But, I don’t change the concept/slant/opinion of the piece.

Before submitting, check the site to be sure you are not duplicating another article. Again, thanks for your interest; I am looking forward to seeing your content!

Kelly Smith
Webmaster and Editor, KSmith Media, LLC

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