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DIY New Years Resolutions

Don’t Just Commit to Quit Smoking and Lose Weight; Home Renovation Projects Boost Home Equity

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A New Years Celebration

This article was updated on 12/26/19.

Tired of failed New Years resolutions? We all are. DIY projects don’t require a diet or quitting smoking forever. Plan next year’s DIY projects: install laminate flooring, renew bathroom tile, and more.

Christmas shopping, relatives visiting, and all the excitement that entails are drawing to a close. Soon after the miracle morning, what’s next? New Years Eve with its end of the year blowout celebration and then a groggy New Year’s day morning.

Got New Year’s Resolutions?

Over a steaming cup of coffee or tea, it’s traditional to list some New Year’s resolutions. Haven’t we all done it? After a night of partying, dancing, wearing funny hats, swearing off drinking, smoking, and finally getting on that South Beach diet are always popular.

But do these things work? Usually for about two days! (been there, done that. But for those with DIY blood coursing through the old veins, why not do what’s really fun, and work on DIY New Year’s resolutions? These are easy to follow through on. Others might unintentionally short-circuit, such as dieting but keeping some habits that unknowingly slowing down your metabolism. But how to go about developing a plan for DIY projects? Read on!

Home Improvement Brainstorming Technique

  1. Assemble the members of the household. Everyone should have a voice in this brainstorming discussion or there will be trouble down the road.

  2. Appoint someone to be the minutes-taker or scribe.

  3. Throw ideas out. Be creative. There are no wrong home improvement or repair suggestions.
  4. Be realistic about your budget.
  5. If you have a dreaded homeowners association, take their rules into consideration.

Prioritize the List of Home Remodeling Ideas

Hopefully, the list is long and creative! But some home repair and renovation projects must take priority. Take care of any structural projects first. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First, is the foundation screaming for first aid? This is the number one consideration. Everything else rests on it. (OK, this one’s not exactly DIY!)

  • Next, does the house need a re-roofing? This is a big one because it protects everything inside the house from the elements.

Consider energy conservation and going green.

Isn’t the cost of electricity, gas, and heating oil sky rocketing everywhere?

  • The biggest priority is insulation installation if it’s needed. It will start paying for itself the very first minute it’s installed.

  • Does the roof have adequate ventilation? This is key. The more vents inboard of the roof’s fascia board the better.

  • Consider spraying thermal barrier paint in the attic on the underside of the roof sheathing or, better still, installing radiant barrier foil. This will slash the cooling bills in the summer and the heating bills in the winter.

  • Energy efficient windows. This can be a pricey endeavor but highly effective if your house has an abundance of windows.
  • If you run you A/C a lot in the summer, install a condenser coil mister. For about $100 the savings will pile up quickly and as a bonus you will have less wear and tear on your HVAC.

Finally, the Home’s Aesthetic features. Curb Appeal!

  • This includes interior and exterior paint or if you have siding, a good spray wash.

  • Also, think about floor remodels. Ready to rip out that tacky 60s shag carpet and install laminate flooring, tile, or a natural stone?

  • How about installing new tile on the shower walls and updating fixtures rather than just scrubbing the grout again? A bathroom remodel project is one of the best things you can do for ROI on home equity.

  • It’s still wintertime. If it’s too cold for outdoor DIY projects, how about a basement waterproofing or basement remodeling project?

  • When remodeling, things will be relocated so the wiring will change. Wiring a kitchen? Remodeling a laundry room, workshop, or “man cave”? Adding a bathroom? Don’t forget to budget new plumbing. PEX tubing will make the job much easier and cheaper.

Budgeting for the DIY Home Improvement Projects

Now that the dream list of New Year’s Resolution projects is on paper, it’s time for a reality check. Money. That old demon. This is where the list must be tweaked and compromises must be made.

For example, if the house needs a new roof, there’s a wide range of cost choices, depending on features. Forsaking the pretty dimensional composite shingle upgrade might free up money for installing laminate flooring in the living room.

Only upgrading to energy efficient windows on the side of the house that drinks in the fierce afternoon sun might make it affordable for making a DIY concrete kitchen countertop or a butcher block countertop. Dream, scheme, and implement; that’s what DIY new year’s resolutions are for.

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© 2008 all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.