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Use a Feng Shui Compass Reading in Home Design

An Ancient Chinese Art Used to Align the Home for Happiness, Success, and Good Luck

© 2010 by Jessica Ackerman All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

An intricate Feng shui Luopan compass, photo courtesy Borghal

  • An intricate Feng shui Luopan compass, photo courtesy Borghal

  • This article was updated on 09/22/20.

    To accurately determine the various regions of your home, you should initially take an accurate Feng Shui compass reading.

    There are many complex and detailed instructions available on how this is done, but in order to take a basic reading, you just need a compass as well as a bit of time and patience.

    When should you evaluate your home? It is best to do this before hiring a remodeling contractor or architect; this way you can have your preferences nailed down. For the purposes of a Feng Shui reading, we need to consider magnetic north, not the geographic north that you would be used to finding on architectural drawings. This is a mistake that commonly happens. Just a little food for thought.

    First, Take Your Compass Reading

    You may use a simple magnetic needle or even a digital compass, but take care that it’s a magnetic compass (see the photo above, but you don’t need anything that complex), and not a GPS.

    Before employing your compass to take your reading, remove anything metallic, such as jewelry, your watch, or cell phone; think of it being kind of like going through airport security. To start off with, position your back at the front entry door of your house. This way, you can decide on the basic orientation of your home.

    At this position, hold your compass at the level of your waist. Make a note of your first compass reading. Then, take several steps in the forward direction, and repeat, doing this several times. This will allow you to ensure that your reading is correct, and that it isn’t going to be hindered by any magnetic or electrical field influences that might be in your location.

    Doing this a total of three times, you can now average your degree measurements together. Note this as the final measurement for the facing direction. Note that interestingly, your sitting direction is the exact opposite reading.

    How to Use Your Compass Reading

    In most cases, people performing a compass reading will want to call in the help of an expert. Many people will employ somebody who is experienced in doing a compass reading to expedite the entire process in an accurate manner.

    Either way, as soon as you have determined the results of your calculations, you’ll have the data you need to determine the specifics of the various areas of your home.

    How to Use a Feng Shui Bagua

    Consider using the bagua in your Feng Shui determination; this is often called the “map of feng shui”. It’s employed to help you divide your house into the nine separate guas, or zones of your house. These are considered to correspond with your various life areas.

    The bagua is employed by standing in front the front entry door of your home while aligning it in the proper position. Following this, it’s an easy task to mentally segment your home determined by the nine squares that correspond to each of the distinct directions.

    The Importance of the Nine Feng Shui Areas

    Aligned at the front of your house, as you are facing it, consider that the areas from your left hand to your right are skills and knowledge, career, and helpful people and travel. Keep in mind that the front entrance to your house will always be located in one of these areas.

    Next, the center row of areas, again from your left hand to your right, correspond to first to family, next, health is in the center of the home, and finally children and creativity. Note that at the rear of your house, from the left to the right (no surprise, right?), the zones are prosperity, fame and reputation, and finally, relationships.

    Feng Shui Considerations for Decorating Your Home

    • Good quality air and light. This makes for openness and comfort.
    • Use color for good Feng Shui.. This is to shift the energy in your home and bring your particular desired results much quicker.
    • Define the Feng Shui Products You Need. You might need a beautiful fountain and some great feng shui art, or perhaps a Buddha image.

    Using a Feng Shui compass reading in your home design need not be a difficult prospect. It's great for decorating and remodeling even if you don't go for the mysticism aspect of it.

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    The Green Frugal
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