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Dramatic Lighting Solutions for the Christmas Family Room

Holiday and Advent Candles Indoors, Exterior Spotlights for Nativity Scenes

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Candlelit Christmas ornaments on the fireplace hearth

A fireplace decorated for Christmas

This article was updated on 12/01/19.

For many people, the hardest part of designing a fantastic holiday family room is getting dramatic lighting solutions. A great dramatic lighting solution for the Christmas family room is hard to find, and some solutions are much cheaper than others, but you can do your research to find what works best for the decor that you have chosen for your holiday room.

Here are some ideas that we have found work very well in any Christmas family room, in no particular order. Putting it all together is a great DIY project that the whole family can participate in.

Faux Candles, Advent Candles, and Christmas Candles

It cannot be stressed enough that candles, in all different forms and styles, are one of the most dramatic lighting solutions that you will find, since they are beautiful, offer pleasant aromas for creating a perfect holiday environment, and are very inexpensive.

You can find them just about anywhere that sells home furnishings and accessories, but the best ones for the holidays are found where Christmas decorations are sold. Most candles take little work to set up, and creating a beautiful holiday centerpiece is very simple when you choose this approach.

You don’t have to purchase a simple candle and candle holder to create dramatic lighting for Christmas. Whether you purchase real or faux candles, find styles that work with your decor. There are thousands of scent and color options, from beautiful classic white with no scent to faux candles with holiday-themed covers that offer scents ranging from peppermint to pumpkin pie.

Use Christmas Ornaments for a Dramatic Effect

Another great idea is to let Christmas ornaments dress up your normal lighting source, and this works even better if you have a dimmer switch option in the room.

The low source of light flickering off the beautiful ornaments creates a very festive atmosphere and will leave a lasting impression. You can use any color for the ornaments, and any shape works great, so you can find what looks the best with your other Christmas decor.

To design a dramatic lighting solution in this style, start by hanging the ornaments from the ceiling or lighting fixture. You can use holiday ribbon, such as a great red ribbon, to suspend the ornaments, or the more traditional monofilament fishing line to hide the suspension and give the illusion that the ornament is floating in mid-air.

Then, turn the lighting down low to enhance the beauty and draw attention to the ornaments. This idea also works great in conjunction with candlelight.

Indoor and Outdoor Spotlights Add Focus

Spotlights can help draw attention to any focal point for the Christmas holidays, especially with outdoor spotlight centerpieces. A small spotlight is the perfect addition to your outdoor centerpiece or Nativity scene, since they use little electricity but really make the scene noticeable and memorable for anyone that sees it.

You can also use a small spotlight indoors, if you want to draw attention to a particular focal point in a room. Simply point the spotlight at what you want people to see, and keep the rest of the lighting in that area dimmed or totally off when possible to maximize the spotlight’s potential.

Remember electrical safety when installing any type of lighting. When working with existing circuits check to see if any electrical repairs need to be made. If you are unsure about anything, consult with an electrician.

Hopefully this information on dramatic lighting solutions has inspired you and given you some good ideas! If so, I would appreciate you sharing this page with your friends. Thanks for visiting!

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