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Fix Your Home on a Budget this Holiday Season

Christmas Gatherings are Enhanced by Some DIY Tweaks

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Rain gutter cleaning; photo couttesy Michelle Ryan

A rain gutter repairman at work

This article was updated on 12/02/19. Happy National Mutt Day!

For many people holiday season provides a great time to enjoy with their family, friends, kids, neighbors, and provides lots of fun.

Setting up a budget up front and managing this Christmas cost can be a frustrating job, since you need to manage cost of miscellaneous things such as Christmas gifts, decorations, food, clothing, and so on.

Among them, Christmas decorations can be the most expensive cost for particularly festive folk. So, it is very important to know how to fix your house on a budget this holiday season.

You can fix up your home inexpensively, provided that you use a few frugal ways that can enhance the look of your home. There are many design and decorating items that are available.

In many cases, these can be used as an alternative to serious remodeling, so try to avoid the usage of superfluous building materials to fix your house since they can be expensive and may not be within the household budget. Of course, realistically speaking it is winter. If your heater is going out your priority is replacing your HVAC system. Shop around for a contractor that offers a payment plan.

Covering damaged floors, designing walls using primary colors, and painting them can be two of the least inexpensive and most productive approaches. Also consider upgrading your trim. This is a very effective way to improve the appearance of your home and cover up some visual defects at the same time. Good candidates are door and window trim and crown molding.

If you are looking to stretch your limited budget to cover the cost of your house-updating project, try using some recycled materials. Check your garage to see if you can find any basic tools or building materials that are left over from a previous project.

You can shop for building supplies that are on sale or visit your local big box store and ask for additional materials that are priced at bargain rates. If you do not have enough money to spend on this year’s holiday season expenses, consider financial help from your bank or credit union but avoid payday loans.

Fix Up Your Bathroom

Since the bathroom is the dampest place in your house, the requirements for the flooring in your bathroom has many considerations. Your bathroom flooring should be able to endure high moisture conditions.

There are different types of bathroom flooring; you may choose any one that comes within your budget. Here are a few types of bathroom flooring. The good news is that these are all good DIY projects.

  • Ceramic tile. Ceramic is very durable, comes in many styles and price ranges.

  • Laminate flooring. This is inexpensive but a bad choice in bathrooms and kitchens—it does not like moisture.

  • Porcelain tiles. Similar to ceramic, they will expand your choices.

  • Vinyl and linoleum. These are two of the most traditional and affordable flooring materials. You can find it in both tile, plank (like laminate), and sheet goods.

Fix up your kitchen

Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash

For many families, the kitchen is the central hub room in their home. If the kitchen is in poor condition with a shabby look then it is very important to fix up old cabinets or you need to bring out a fresh and new look to the kitchen which can make it look spacious.

Renovating a kitchen can be one of the most expensive of all home projects. However, you can decorate your kitchen within your budget with the following inexpensive tips.

  • Change window coverings; try to dress up with decorative or funky pattern curtains. Mix it up with plain and different color shades curtain in the middle of the patterns.

  • Instead of replacing old cabinets, paint them with a single lighter tone, this helps in bringing out brighten look to your kitchen.

  • Upgrade your cabinets by re-facing them and replacing the knobs or handles with more contemporary ones.
  • Paint your kitchen walls; you can either use brighter shade or neutral tone to give kitchen walls a fresh look. A glossy sheen like eggshell will be easier to keep clean. If your ceiling can also benefit with a fresh coat, flat paint is a good choice.

  • Change or add light fixtures. To make bedrooms and living rooms look more updated, upgrade your light fixtures.

Whatever the purpose why you are fixing up your home, either for enhancing its appearance or to improve its value, you must make sure to provide attention to every small section of your house.

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