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How to Decorate Your Hallway with Style

Interior Designers Use Neutral Paint Colors to Open up Small Spaces and Minimize Cleaning Chores

© 2013 by Ella Andrews; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A hallway under construction and finished, photo courtesy of Achim Hering

When it comes to home decoration the hallway is always the area of your place that is missed due to the fact that there are not too many ways and ideas on how to decorate it.

And many people are used to ignoring it because of its small size or short time spent there. But the truth is that it is the hallway that is actually one of the most important areas in our homes as it carries the heavy responsibility of welcoming the guests.

It is the hallway that gives a first impression to the people who enter your place about its atmosphere as a whole. That is why it is extremely important to have a cosy, tidy, and well-arranged hallway in order to make your guests feel comfortable as soon as they step through the doorway.

The following tips will give you a few useful ideas on how to achieve this effect.

  • Light Colors Open up Small Spaces

    Colors are the easiest way to deliver a good mood to one’s place. You can simply play with them in your hallway to achieve a warm, welcoming effect.

    Use soft shades of the bright colors such as orange, blue and green, or use traditional pastel colors such as beige or white. Do not use gloomy colors for either the walls or the ceiling of the hallway.

    Gloomy colors make a place look smaller and dark and the hallway is after all the smallest area in your place. What you should be aiming to achieve there is a bright, cheerful mood.

    Some people use the help of wallpapers for decorating the hallway walls while others hang paintings on them or place family pictures in a frame. Wallpaper borders work particularly well.

  • Furnishing the Entry Area

    Depending on the size of the hallway you can place different type of furniture in it. If it is larger you can furnish it with a wardrobe in which you can put your coats and jackets or simply a hanger with a locker for placing the shoes.

    Instead of drawers that take too much place you can use big baskets in which to put keys, scarves or gloves. You can take out the drawers and use the space as shelves where to put the phone book, a pen and a tiny notebook where you can write down important notes such as phone numbers or addresses.

  • Provide a Comfortable Environment

    It is very important to make the hallway as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved via proper arrangements.

    A very simple yet effective way to do this is by covering the show locker or the bench you are using to sit on when putting your shoes on with decorative cushions.

  • Extras

    You can easily find in specialized stores a lot of witty yet handy items that will help you make your hallway a more welcoming place. A basket for your slippers, a hanger for the umbrellas, a corkboard for notes and short messages—organize and store all of these things, as they are both useful and good-looking. And you can also arrange a few flowerpots or a mirror for a complete look.

About the Author:

Ella Andrews is a content writer who has great flair for decoration and interrior design. She is always searching for new challenges. Therefore her present article is focused on exterior home design related theme.

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