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How to Install Venetian Blinds

Installing your Window Treatments Yourself will Save you Money

© 2012 by Daniel Frank All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A Venetian blind detail; photo courtesy Elf

This article was last revised on 08/23/17.

Why install blinds in the first place? There are several reasons. They add an excellent degree of privacy to start with. Some fashionistas are quite persnickety about how things look and that is their primary influence. But most important in my functionality-oriented mind is that they can help to maximize your home’s energy-efficiency.

Installing new wooden Venetian blinds is fairly simple operation, but it is always nice to have a how-to explanation, particularly if it helps you to save money by avoiding hiring a contractor to fit them for you. Your blinds will also come with instructions, but these can be nebulous at best and I thought some guidelines before hand should give you an idea of what to expect.

What you need:

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Drill (corded or battery driven)
  4. Screwdriver (you can use your drill with a #2 Phillips tip but you may need an extension for those hard to reach spots)
  5. Screws
  6. Wall plugs
  7. Blind Cutter
  8. Saw
  9. Blinds, of course. Up to 25% off Select BaliĀ® Custom Blinds & Shades at The Home Depot!

Measure Twice, Cut Once (or possibly not all)

As with any DIY project, before you even think about going to the store you need to get your measurements. There are two dimensions you need to measure, the drop (height) and the width of the window.

Take three measurements for each dimension; the top, bottom, and middle for the drop; and left, right, and center for the width. As with any measurement it is worth checking twice to make sure you get them right.

The smallest measurement for each dimension is the one that you should use for your blinds. If your window is in a recess, then take 1.5cm or half an inch off each measurement. These are the details you need to take to the store when ordering your blinds.

Since some manufacturers have their own way they like these measurements recorded, do your research on that first. Better safe than sorry I always say.

Pre-Drilling Your Screw Holes

Once you get your blinds you can get down to work. Pre-drilling is essential as it will prevent the wood from splitting and allow you to screw the blinds into place more easily. You can use your mounting brackets as a guide as to where to drill, making sure to clearly mark each spot.

Drill the holes, and if necessary, insert wall plugs so as to secure the screws. Larger blinds include a middle bracket which will stop sagging so if you have one make sure you include it! Here’s a worthwhile tip&mdash when drilling into wood or masonry; use a drill bit that is as wide or slightly less than the the shaft of the screw, not the threads. Smudge a bit of bath bar soap on the screw threads and it will go in smoother.

Install the Blinds Brackets

If you followed the previous step then screwing in the brackets should be fairly simple. Try to make them flush with the brackets, but don’t let the screw driver slip.

Destroying the head of the screw might mean that you won’t be able to get it out again without using EZ-outs! Now all you need to do is slot the headrail into the brackets and let the blind hang down.

Checks and Balances

Hopefully the blinds fit the window; if not then don’t worry yet. If the blinds are too large then measure the excess (carefully), remove the end stiffener from the headrail on the side you’re cutting (probably the lift cord side), use your blind cutter to trim them to size and make sure that they get reinstalled properly.

Step 5: Putting your Feet Up

Sit down, have a cup of tea and a biscuit. You’ve earned it. So there you go, a quick and simple guide to putting up Venetian blinds without spending loads of money hiring someone to do it for you. Do you have any Venetian blind installation tips for our readers? Scroll down to the comments section below and share. We are all in this together!

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