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How to Modernize Your Bedroom

Modern Colors, Patterns, and Decorations Replace Outdated Themes

© 2012 by Ben Inder; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Interior decorating tips for a small bedroom

The key to modern interior design is really the way that you view a room, and the bedroom is no exception to this rule. Modern design means that the room is no longer a sanctuary of comfort and memories, but more of a mood hall in which the design is often uncomplicated.

This has the effect of creating peace, through a process of design simplification without any cost or threat to your actual comfort; it is possible to be both frugal and up-to-date.

  1. Choose Modern, Vibrant Colors:

    All colors will undergo a transformation over time, and what you may notice when peeking through old pictures is that the orange of the fifties is nothing like the orange of the nineties.

    The same goes for all of the other colors. Modern colors are muted versions of the original, as they are designed to give all the vibrancy of color, without having too much of an impact on mood, so that they feel clear and uncomplicated (and therefore comforting), rather than acting as a statement (like in the seventies for example).

  2. Sleek Patterns Prevail:

    Unless you are into the French scene, patterns and shapes are long gone, and have been replaced with modern versions in the form of blocks, circles, squares and other shapes.

    Even floral designs have taken on a Japanese style twist, and will appear on modern wallpaper and upholstery as bold statements rather than happy decorations like they used to be.

    As a general rule, the less complicated the pattern, the more modern it is.

    So if you do like to use patterned upholstery or wallpaper in the bedroom, you can still do so, as long as the pattern is understated and uncomplicated.

  3. Modern Carpeting or Laminate Flooring:

    Deep shag pile carpets may have been all the rage when you purchased your house, but these days any carpet or rug with a pile that is deeper than a centimeter screams old age.

    To modernize your bedroom, carpets and rugs need to be shallow pile, and preferably one block color that contrasts the rest of the room. Wood floors or laminate flooring are generally considered more modern than carpets, and the modern wood may be a darker color than the honey brown of old.

    Bedding, linens and curtains should also be basic but high quality and ideally will fit in with the theme of the room, acting as a contrasting element.

  4. Decoration Minimalism:

    As a rule, the modern look will be clean and clear, which means that any decorative items you have in the bedroom in the form of photos, vases, little trinkets from holidays and travels, and candles, will be considered dated.

  5. Less Ornate Furniture:

    Basic, simple, and high quality is the modern rule, so anything that has fancy curves, patterns, or does not blend in with the room as a whole, should be discarded and replaced with a very simple and basic version.

    Much of the inspiration for modern furniture comes from Japanese design, which means beds with mattresses near to the floor, and dark wood or block colored furniture that blends into the theme of the room, and is as unnoticeable as possible.

    Shaker furniture is also enjoying a re-surge in popularity, due to its functional simplicity and lack of ornamentation.

Modernizing your bedroom is no small task. It will require a combination of simple redecorating as well as more drastic renovations. You may require some tools such as convector heaters to dry out any dampness; these will be available from your local tool hire store.

About the Author:

Ben writes about home improvements and loves to keep up to date with the latest décor fashions.

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