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How to Save Time on Clean Up After a Renovation

Daily Clean-Up and Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company is Key

© 2014 by Candice Harding; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission

Ladies cleaning; image courtesy Rudolf Kremlicka

Ladies cleaning; image courtesy Rudolf Kremlicka

This article was last revised on 11/13/20.

Having a home renovation done, whether out of necessity or because you want to improve your living space, creates a massive mess. Here are a few ways to keep that mayhem to a minimum!
  • Remodeling Preventive Maintenance

    Take a few extra minutes to do some preparation before you begin renovating to will save a lot of time once you’re done. Drop cloths over furniture that you can't re-locate and on floors that you aren’t replacing keep the worst of the mess off.

    It is easy to carefully fold the drop cloth, trapping the mess inside to shake out in the dumpster. Tape off windows with plastic or newspaper and painter’s tape to save time scraping big chunks of drywall compound or latex paint off of them.

  • Daily Housekeeping

    Along with the prep work, clean up as you go. After each and every work day, do as much cleaning as you can. Place all the tools in a designated corner of the room, and sweep up the majority of the dirt and debris. Doing this will mean you can get right to work the next morning in a safe environment. Nobody wants to start their day with a broom and dust pan!

    Look out for any splatter or paint drops that will be easier to clean right then. With drywall mud, it is generally better to let it harden because it is easier to just chip up. The room does not have to be pristine, but doing as much cleaning as you can each day will definitely save you time and effort at the end.

    In the event that you have decided to farm out some of the work (which by building code you will need to do at least with plumbers and electricians), find a bonded, insured, and licensed local contractor. And it doesn't hurt to check with the local BBB.

  • Protect Your HVAC System

    Any type of home renovation will create dirt and dust that will get caught in your HVAC air filters and furnace filters. They should be replaced every few days so that they can continue cleaning the air you breathe and won’t stress your HVAC heating and cooling system.

    Cleaning the dust out of the air will prevent it from landing on your furniture and floors. You may have to replace the filters more often than normal in the first few months after a renovation project. Of course, if you can work in sections of the room, a reusable dust barrier enclosure is the ideal solution.

  • Effective Cleaning Strategies

    Cleaning from the top down, starting with the ceiling and doing the floors last, will save you from re-cleaning the floors after dust from the ceiling fan or windows falls on it. Making that mistake once is enough to engrave it in your memory.

    Start with any ceiling light fixtures or crown molding, wipe down the walls, and wash the windows before cleaning the floors. After vacuuming and mopping to get the majority of the dust and dirt, go back over your floors again the next day with a fabric softener sheet. It works wonders.

    They are cheaper than electrostatic cloths and do just as well, especially if you use one that has already gone through the dryer cycle once. Run the sheet along baseboards, window sills, or any other surface with a stubborn layer of dust.

    For dried on or greasy spots on floors, windows, or walls, put a slightly damp sponge in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and then use it with the cleaner of your choice to lift up the grease without tiring you out. It will help lift dried paint, texture, or calking and make your elbow grease and time expenditure less.

  • Using Professional Cleaning Companies

    The fastest way to get your space clean as a final sweep, with minimal effort on your part, is to hire a cleaning company.

    From carpet cleaning in Fresno to housekeepers in Miami, these are professionals who know all the tricks of the trade to get your home back to its wonderfully pristine state. It does cost more than doing the cleaning yourself, but they can usually do a more thorough job and if saving time is what you’re after, this is the way to go!

Whichever cleaning route you decide on, use these tips to save time so you can enjoy your space as fast as possible. It's not hard to save time cleaning up after a renovation project. Just work smarter, not harder.

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Candice Harding enjoys writing about the great products and technology she finds online. When she's away from the computer, she loves riding her bike and exploring the outdoors.

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