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Living Room Remodeling Ideas

Frugal Make-Overs by Eliminating Clutter, Rearranging Furniture, and Painting

© 2013 by Ella Andrews; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A recently remodeled living room; photo courtesy Ella Andrews

A recently remodeled living room; photo courtesy Ella Andrews

This article was updated on 05/04/21.

The living room is the heart of the home, even if it is part of an open floor plan. It’s where the family gathers, where guests are invited to relax, and where we put our most beloved possessions—to exhibit what kind of family we are and what kind of home we have.

The living room can take ages to be renovated fully, so if you don’t have the time or the finances for a full remodeling job, why not implement some of the following ideas. Pick and choose at your convenience.

These are some frugal opportunities to welcome new life into this area, make it appear newer and fresher, and impart a completely different atmosphere at home, one tailored to your taste and personality.

Start with Postponed Repairs and Unused Items

Begin by doing those pesky minor repairs that you have been postponing for ages and ages. You know, those spots with chipped paint, the unsightly carpet stains, the floor board that's come loose and is now a tripping hazard? All of these minor issues make the living room look unwelcoming and not as cozy as it could and by all rights, should be!

Start by fixing those issues and then take a long look at your room. What is it that you like about it and what is it that you’d immediately get rid of and say good riddance to?

Could it be the ratty old chair sitting in the corner of the room that nobody ever uses? Or, is it the old CD player that only gathers dust? Whatever it is that bothers you a lot about the area, simply get rid of it.

There is no point keeping items that you never use on display and continuing to dislike them. Someone less fortunate could make use of them. Donating makes for good karma.

The living room is a room of many purposes—watching TV, resting, eating, socializing, reading books, and even working. Focus like a laser beam on what these purposes currently are with you and those near and dear to you.

Identify all the things that are more clutter than anything else. Then remove everything that no longer contribute to essential activities. Rearrange the cabinets and the shelves so they don’t look cluttered and messy.

Rearrange Furniture and Furnishings

Now that you have lost unused items, it’s time to reorganize for comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic values. In order to generate a more inviting feel to the living room, there are key focal point objects in the room.

These may include mirrors, lighting, rugs, candles, photo frames, paintings, plants, drapes, etc. These can be placed for aesthetics or effect. For example, mirrors enlarge a room visually.

Arrange your furniture to provide not only the maximum amount of free room (avoid claustrophobia), but also to provide clear foot traffic routes from all points of entry and exit. You can identify traffic routes by line of sight.

Open areas allow easier movement, more tranquility and ensure a much tidier space. A living room will feel completely different with less furniture blocking the high traffic areas. Often you don’t even need to throw away furniture pieces—it is all about properly organizing them.

Room Painting is an Inexpensive Fix

One of the inexpensive ways to remodel your living room is to simply repaint it. Choose two colors that will complement the style and color of the furniture. Experiment with painting the window sill and the different elements in the room.

Keep in mind that different colors can create different moods and perceptions. For example, the darker the color, the smaller and more somber the room will seem. On the other hand, lighter colors open up the space.

Utilize these simple and affordable ideas for remodeling your living room and within a few days you will have a fresh looking room with a completely new atmosphere.

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