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Save Money with Low Voltage LED Lights:

Perfect for Outdoor Lighting, Landscaping, and Interior Applications

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Low Voltage Lighting

Energy efficient low-voltage LED lighting is ideal for outdoor landscape lights, they lower utility bills, and offer pinpoint illumination in the kitchen and other busy work areas.

LED technology lowers voltage and wattage requirements when compared to incandescent bulbs which equals increased energy efficiency. Electricity is used in the home at 110/120 Volts; this is conventional line voltage in the U.S., but can be different in other countries.

How is the operation different from incandescent bulbs? This type of low-voltage bulb uses a step-down transformer. This lowers the 120 volts to 12 volts usually, or a tenth of the original voltage. The other parts of the circuitry, such as the light switch, don't change.

Where Should Energy Saving Lighting be Used?

One good choice, other than the kitchen, is in the living room. This is a great area for recessed lighting. Artwork hung on the wall can be highlighted with track lighting, and pendant lights can be suspended above reading areas.

These bulbs are available in a variety styles, shapes, and colors. Wide floodlights, standard floodlights, and spotlights are common.

Low voltage lights are also ideal over bath vanities. These fixtures commonly hold four or more bulbs. This is an ideal area to conserve energy and lower electricity bills.

The Home Office can be Another Money Saving Opportunity

It's becoming more and more common for people to work from home (like me). When putting together or renovating a small home office, LED bulbs are ideal for both task and accent lighting.

Monorail Track Lights in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another room that can benefit from track lighting. A track lighting fixture allows the light to be directed exactly where it’s needed. It's common to use either bendable track or a monorail system.

Traditional fixed kitchen lighting leaves prime working area in shade more often than not. The track lighting handles this issue while eliminating incandescent energy hogs.

Low voltage halogen lighting is a great solution for the workbench in your workshop. In fact, LED is a candidate anywhere precision and potentially dangerous tasks are being performed. Low voltage halogen bulbs are available but put out a lot more heat than LED bulbs, which may be uncomfortable.

Wall Sconces Dress up Home Decor

Wall Sconce Homes featuring long hallways may also feature areas of shadow because of the distribution of traditional light fixtures. A good solution is to install fancy wall sconces outfitted with low voltage LED bulbs. This will cast light in an even fashion, resulting in a hallway that is easier to navigate.

Maintain Safety with Low Voltage Lighting

If you are considering installing recessed or “can” lighting, there are precautions to be knowledgeable of. Electrical building codes require that can light fixtures are classified as, and labeled as, air tight lights.

Recessed Lighting Fixture And then there are regulations that address IC (Insulation Contact) and Non-IC (Non Insulation Contact) lighting fixtures. Installers need to refer to the local building code for can lights and when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

But if you want to have the wiring run and the fixtures installed by a licensed electrician, I recommend finding one at

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Landscaping Effects

Your home's garden, flower bed, or landscaping can also enjoy the benefits of LED lighting. It’s always a great policy to have lights on outdoors at night to run off burglars, but it can do double duty by offering a spectacular effect on well designed landscaping.

Skillfully placed low voltage lights will provide a stunning landscape with a fan of light, bringing out or morphing the colors of nature. Why not blend the light pattern using carefully placed lights illuminating the walkway? Beauty, energy savings, and safety, all wrapped up in a low voltage package.

What could be better?

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© 2008 all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.