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Best Power Tool Christmas Gift Ideas:

A Christmas Present Guide for the Woodworker or Remodeler

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A Ryobi Benchtop Table Saw

This article was updated on 11/14/18

These are the top Christmas holiday gift ideas for DIY projects around the house for the carpenter, builder, or remodeler. How about a table saw, Sawzall, Work Sharp Tool Sharpener, drill press, or grinder?

Christmas day is getting closer now and what could be a better Christmas present to give the Do-It-Yourself-type person than a tool? While it if fine to know a boatload of wood shop tips, they won’t do much good without proper tools.

Power tools or hand tools, the holiday season selection has never been better. This article lists the top best DIY power tool gift ideas. The previous one talked about hand tool gift ideas.

For woodworking tools like these, I always recommend shopping at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. They stock many items that you just won’t find anywhere else.

The Benchtop Table Saw: a Portable 10” Cabinet Table Saw

OK, it’s not a cabinet table saw in and of itself. But when combined with table saw accessories like outfeed rollers and a stand, it gets the job done! A benchtop table saw should be right on top of the wood working tool list.

The major benefit of the benchtop table saw is its portability. Some jobs demand the the accuracy that a circular saw just can’t deliver. And, there are times when it's just not practical to do all the cutting in the wood shop.

D on’t worry about the small size. Why not pick up some benchtop table saw extensions for handling those larger projects? For top quality, look for Jet, Ryobi, and DeWalt.

The Reciprocating Saw — Tough and Fast

DeWalt DC385B 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw The reciprocating saw, more commonly known in the building trades as a Sawzall, is an amazing power tool. It doesn’t always deliver a pretty cut but that’s not what it was designed for.

The reciprocating saw is like a monster jigsaw on steroids. There are times when a Sawzall will cut right through the time it takes to perform a task. In fact, one of the best times to have one of these is when doing a demolition job.

These babies are tough enough to take on drywall, tree limbs, wood studs, and even steel, such as rebar. The best reciprocating saws on the market are made by Milwaukee (who coined the term), Ryobi, and DeWalt, in my opinion.

Work Sharp Tool Sharpener WS2000

Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener When I’m installing door hardware, mortise and tenon joints, or other furniture projects, I rely heavily on my chisels. A perfect blade might not be so critical visually in many situations but if the cut isn't straight and crisp, glueable surface area is reduced.

What can be done to keep your chisel blades straight, true, and sharp? the Work Sharp Tool Sharpener WS2000. Small in size, it packs a punch in features. The main thing is the Chisel Sharpening Port, which puts a precise 25 degree angle on the blade.

The Benchtop Drill Press

When most people think of a drill press, the one that comes to mind is the one from high school shop class. Remember, the one almost as tall as the teacher? Well, those are good for big jobs but the benchtop drill press is the way to go for those smaller DIY projects.

For the small home wood shop where real estate is at a premium, this drill press can be stored away when not in use. What are the qualities to look for in a benchtop drill press?

  • Horsepower. A HP rating of ranges between 1/4 and 1. Bigger is better.
  • Variable Speeds. The more the better. Versatility is key here; 5 to 12 speeds are common.
  • Depth Stops. The ability to set the bit depth is essential with repetitive drilling.
Look for Grizzly, Delta, Craftsman, and Ryobi for top notch quality.

The Bench Grinder

The popular bench grinder is essential in any wood shop. And at the price Home Depot and Lowe’s sell them for, it’s an embarrassment not to be the proud owner of one! Precision tool? Far from it.

But it’s the best thing in town for sharpening and removing mushrooms from cold chisels. Also, it’s invaluable for those little gotta-make-it-fit tasks.

DeWalt makes a great one, as does Jet, Delta, and Dayton.

Rotary Tools: Routers and the RotoZip

A compact router table for a small shop; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Rotary tools do what the name implies — rotate a bit to cut and shape. Routers are held in both hands or mounted in router tables, which is where the fun and creativity really starts.

The picture above shows a router table that I recently designed and built. If you choose to give a router as a gift, the lucky giftee can follow the link in the “Related Articles” list at the bottom of this article for my detailed router table plans.

A RotoZip is similar in function to a router but smaller, held in one hand. It’s more of an all-around utilitarian tool as opposed to the router, which is more of a woodworking tool. There are many handy RotoZip attachments available.

For the Woodworker Who Has Everything

Face it, it can be tough to buy a Christmas gift for the woodworker whose work shop is fully stocked. But the right stocking stuffers can solve that problem. Check out these new Bench Cookies (click on pic at left for details) from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

Placed under the woodworking project on the work bench, they eliminate sliding. They also elevate the piece for sanding, gluing, or finishing.

Hopefully, this article provided a good jumping off point for power tools to stuff in the DIY Christmas stocking. Ho, ho, ho!

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