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Reduce Clutter in Your Living Room

Use Storage Space and Arrange Furniture to Optimize Your Home

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Typical blueprint of a residential floor plan; photo courtesy Boereck

We all want to have a clean, orderly, and beautiful living room in our homes. After all, the living room is often where the family gathers to spend some quality time together.

It is also used to entertain visitors and friends. As such, we want the living room to be as comfortable and pleasing as possible. One way of ensuring that the living room is clean and orderly is to regularly clean and maintain it.

To do that, you have to reduce the clutter in your living room. Here are some tips on how you can make that possible:

  • Get rid of clutter regularly.

    Make it a habit to get rid of clutter in your living room such as paper, old newspapers, food wrappers, plastic, bottles, toys, books, and other items.

    Ask every member of the family to collect their things once they’re done using the living room. Throw garbage away and as much as possible avoid accumulating garbage in the living room.

  • Leave enough space in your living room.

    Another way you can reduce clutter in your living room is to leave enough space. Get rid of furniture and equipment which are not really necessary.

    You can try to arrange your furniture in such a manner that there would be enough space to make it look comfortable. The less furniture around, the less clutter.

    And the furniture that you do have should be arranged in such a way as to make navigation easy and accidents less likely to happen.

  • Make way for storage space.

    In order to reduce clutter in your living room, you can put in some more storage space such as cabinets and shelves.

    This is where you can organize and keep your things like DVDs, books, and newspapers. You can also create smart storage areas to make your living room look neat. Take advantage of empty corners for example.

  • Put a garbage bin in your living room.

    To avoid having garbage scattered everywhere, put a garbage bin in your living room. Teach your kids and every member of the family to throw their garbage in the bin so that the place won’t get cluttered with trash.

    This is easy to do. Although it might sound unusual, there are many attractive ones on the market. Or, you can hide one in a tasteful rattan dirty clothes hamper. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Fix cords in your living room.

    One of the most common problems in the living room are tangled cables and cords from television sets, radios, and other electronic equipment.

    In order to make the living room more pleasant (and safer, particularly if you have little ones about), make sure that you keep the cords and cables away from everyone’s sight.

    Try to coil the cables and tie them together and arrange them in such a manner that they won’t be easily seen. For this, you can purchase a cable zipper where you can keep the cables inside a tube.

    Make sure too that people won?t easily trip on them. Fixing your living room is easy when you follow these simple tips. So start de-cluttering your living room and be pleased with the results!

Do you have any tips or suggestions to add to this topic? Why not share them with our readers in the comment section below?

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