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Remodeling? 3 Organization Tips to Maintain a Clean Home

Pre-Construction Planning and Creative Thinking Makes for Success

© 2012 by Jennie Reedy; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Wall opening for a recessed medicine cabinet; photo © Kelly Smith

The decision to remodel any part of one’s house is a huge one, not only because of the financial considerations, but also because the process of residential renovation is disruptive to daily life.

The length of time the project will take and the degree of mess involved will depend on the area being remodeled, of course.

For instance, adding an extension to a less-used room, though it includes demolition and rebuilding, will not be quite as much of a disruption as remodeling a kitchen could be.

The following tips may help you to be better prepared to cope with the process.

Ponder and Plan

Keep careful notes on all expenses such as contractors, building materials, etc. Why? When it is all over, you’ need to update your homeowners insurance policy.

Remember, the dollar figure represents the replacement cost of your home, not the value your property is appraised at. Your insurance agent can help you with this.

In the planning phase, there is more to think about than the dimensions of the countertop and the shade of paint. You need to be aware of the chaos that will ensue as the process of remodeling commences.

Ask yourself if you can function adequately in your home with all the dust, debris, noise, workers, and things out of place.

It may be necessary to arrange to stay at the home of a relative or friend or at a motel if you have the funds. As you think about it, ideas may come to you that may help you.

Discuss the plans with your family and with your local contractor. so that everyone understands what to expect.


If the room being remodeled is one that is frequently used, you may need to use your imagination to relocate the necessary furniture to a spare room so you will be able to carry on the activities you need to do, such as daily meal preparation, consumption, and clean up.

If the kitchen is being remodeled, for example, consider using disposable plates, cups, and utensils and perhaps dining out more often.

If a bathroom is the target, you will have to double up in the other bathroom. If you only have one bathroom, timing is critical and you may have to get creative. Think about renting a port-a-potty and showering at the gym.

Keep Things in Perspective

The inconveniences you will experience during the remodeling will not last forever. There will be days that you will be tired of the state of the house and you may wish you hadn’t ever started it.

However, as the process comes to a close, you will see that the end result is all that you had hoped for and you will enjoy your new space for many years. Try to keep this in mind and remember that excitement you felt as you envisioned the changes at the beginning.

About the Author:

Jennie operates several self storage units in Greenville, OH. When recommending storage facilities to her friends and family in Bloomington CA, she recommends Extra Space Storage in Bloomington.

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