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Springtime Means Lawn Care Service:

Lawn Mower Selection, and Springtime Maintenance and Inspection

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Lawnmowing a Soccer Field

Lawn care service is a big component in curb appeal, physical exercise, and home maintenance. Read on for tips for inspecting a lawn mower, as well as servicing it, and choosing the one that suits your needs.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Landscaping Contractor

With landscaping, mowing, and other duties in the world of yard work, you’ve basically got two choices; you can do it yourself or find a local lawn care contractor through word of mouth or through a service company feedback database service like Angie’s List.

Lawn care companies tend to be more organized and business-like than they were in the old days, when folks hired those youngsters in your neighborhood looking to earn some movie matinee and Coke money.

Be Prepared If You Choose to Do Your Own Landscaping

If you, as a suburban homeowner, decides to take on this job yourself, you’ve got more landscaping tools available than you ever did previously. Why?

Because the goal now is squarely on maintaining not only a luscious green lawn in color, but also with respect to the environment.

Many societies have traditionally considered springtime as an suitable season for celebrating new beginnings. And that’s what makes it an ideal time to jump right into focusing on the exterior of your home.

Here are some things to make habitual spring habits:

  • Review and update your homeowners insurance policy to reflect home improvements.
  • Build or amend the soil in an existing raised bed vegetable garden.
  • Tune up your lawn mower, Weedeater, edger, and other lawn care tools.

Have a Look at Types of Lawn mowers

Lawn mowers powered by gasoline remain king throughout the landscaping industry. You’ll find three styles of these. First you have mulching mowers, next the side blowers, and finally the cumbersome bagging models.

  • Mulching mowers are considered to be the “greener” and environmentally-responsible type and they make sense whether you’re a tree-hugger or not. They chew the grass blades up fine enough so that they sift down and go return to the soil. Ah-ha! A renewable resource!
  • The rear-bagging models are awkward but claim to make grass disposal simpler. It's flung into your mower’s mesh bag, which which you then empty into plastic yard bags. They end up in landfills; not a pretty picture.
  • Side blowers just spit it out the side. Then the grass is either raked up or relocated using a leaf blower.

Any non-mulching mower may be easily converted in a flash by just changing out the blade and blocking up the grass egress port.

Let’s Not Forget the Electric Mowers

The electric mower is another option. You’ll find two kinds of these, the cordless ones first and then the corded ones. These both have major downsides. First, pulling an extension cord around the yard is a hazardous and a hassle-provoking task.

And the cordless variety usually doesn’t have the power required to do any significant mowing. These are best suited to very small, low-maintenance lawns.

Using Reel Lawn mowers for Bermuda Grass

The reel lawn mower is also known as a reel mower. They’re not seen around very often in the US today, although they are in Europe. But with the green movement, they’re making a comeback. I bought one last year, as a matter of fact.

Imagine, no greenhouse gas emissions and no gas to purchase. How much greener can it get?

This is the best kind of machine to use cutting Bermuda grass lawns.

It’s Time for the Annual Lawn mower Maintenance Routine

The upkeep of your lawn mower is crucial for proper and efficient use. There’s a few things on your lawn mower maintenance routine checklist:

  • Perform a comprehensive visual overview. Specifically, you’re looking for details such as loose bolts which should be tightened. Look for spots that show bits of rust development. Sand them down to bare metal, then prime and paint them. Also replace or tighten frayed and/or loosened cables .
  • Sharpen your blade; it makes all the difference. Shops can take care of this for you at a nominal fee or you can check at Home Depot or Lowe’s for a handy grinder attachment. It attaches to your electric drill and grinds your mower blade at the proper angle.
  • Change your oil. A synthetic oil like Mobil 1 is offers the most bang for the buck.
  • Change or clean the spark plug.
  • Replace or clean your air filter. Be aware that his can be a messy undertaking. Some models recommend washing it out and then soaking it in oil. Refer to your user’s manual.

How to Shop for a New Lawnmower

If you find out during your maintenance check that your lawn mower is too far gone and has to be replaced, start looking for sale bargains. Early spring is a good time to shop. But don’t buy an off-brand. There are many excellent ones on the market now, and with the current economic downturn, there are deals to be made.

Thinks about brands like John Deere, Honda, Snapper, and of course, the classic, Briggs and Stratton. Here are some things to take into account:

  • Horsepower. Generally,just like testosterone, more is better. Butch up, Sally.
  • Push lawn mower or self-propelled? When there’s a lot of stopping and starting and turning involved on your property, push is better and more affordable.
  • Electric or motorized?
  • Price. Look for sales at the big box stores and home improvement centers.
  • East to find replacement parts. This is a biggie. When it breaks down on Saturday morning, you can't afford to wait a week for a replacement part to be delivered.

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