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Tiffany Blue and White for a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Design a Teen Girl’s Bedroom with Wallpaper, Linen, and Accessories

© 2010 by Alyssa Davis; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

A classic tiffany lamp shows the beautiful blue color, photo courtesy of DontBeBlue

A classic tiffany lamp shows the beautiful blue color, photo courtesy of DontBeBlue

This article was updated on 02/18/21.

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Designing a teen girl’s bedroom around a tiffany blue and white theme is a great way to create a beautiful, sophisticated room for a growing girl.

The combination of the colors speaks to style and a classic look that teen girls love. Including tiffany blue and white into a room is easy to do with the simple steps below.

Wall Coverings

There are a few options available when thinking about adding these colors to a teen girl’s bedroom. Paint is the obvious first choice due to its inexpensive price tag and almost instant transformation of the space.

Before painting the room, decide what the dominate color in the room will be. Will the room be white with tiffany blue accents or the opposite?

If the room will be more white than blue, paint the walls white. A blue fleur de lis stenciled border would make a great accent and tie the colors together.

If the room is to be more blue than white, paint the walls a tiffany blue accented by white baseboards and crown molding. White crown molding will be a beautiful addition to the tiffany blue and white color scheme.

The next option is to wallpaper the walls. This is a more permanent step and one that requires more work. Not only will finding the perfect wallpaper take time, but so too will hanging the wallpaper. If possible, find a wallpaper that incorporates both tiffany blue and white, so that both colors are represented on the walls.

A professional wallpaper installer will make the hanging go smoother and quicker if the budget allows. Or opt for a wall paper border that will add design with a minimum of expense and effort.

Choose Linen by Texture and Color

Choose linens in coordinating tiffany blue and white colors. A solid comforter in white or blue is fine, as long as there’s a throw blanket in the other color also on the bed.

Sheets with a tiffany blue and white pattern bedroom set can be found at, as shown below.

The key is to alternate linen patterns in tiffany blue and white with linens in coordinating solid colors. Pay attention to the fabrics being included in the space, as well. Shiny satin sheets have a much different look than soft, flannel ones and each can alter the look of the room, so preference is key.

Accessories: Wash Basins, Picture Frames, and More

One of the most exciting ways to add these colors into a room’s decor is to incorporate accessories with those colors. An old fashioned, porcelain wash basin and pitcher with a that color theme will match the decor and add style to the space.

Curtains are also an essential accessory piece that will tie the colors together. Tiffany blue flowers embroidered on white curtains make a gorgeous accent to the room.

Clocks, picture frames, upholstered footstools, and throw pillows are all possible way to bring both tiffany blue and white into the room’s color scheme.

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