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What Kind of Carpet is Right for Your Home?

How to Choose Between Berber, Plush, Saxony, Textured and Frieze Carpeting

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Stretching carpeting during installation

Stretching carpeting during installation

This article was updated on 06/24/20
There are many different styles and textures of carpet available on the market today. From looped Berbers to piles to patterns, choosing the right carpet for your home can be challenging. To better understand the options available, it is important to know a little bit about the different styles and where in the home they work best.

Berbers of Nylon, Olefin, and Wool

Berber carpet is a looped carpet that has a history of being long-wearing and durable. It is composed of many loops that are fashioned together to create a tight weave. Berbers are good for low-traffic areas where pet claws and high heels will rarely travel.

Although they are good and increasingly popular carpets, they have a tendency to snag which creates runs and pulls. Since they snag, Berbers are not the best choice for stair carpeting either.

Berbers can also be challenging when it comes to carpet cleaning, as they often have a matted look after seeing a lot of wear. Used sparingly and in rooms where relaxation is the order of the day, Berbers can be a great choice.

Plush Carpeting for Children’s Bedrooms

Plush carpets are the result of the tiny carpet loops being cut. They are often softer carpets that snag less and can withstand more wear and tear than their loop counterparts. Piles are more formal than Berbers and are often used in living rooms and other formal rooms of the house.

That is not to say, however, that they must be relegated to formal rooms only. Children’s bedrooms are especially good candidates for plush carpeting, because it has a soft pile that is both cushioning and comfortable. The durable nature of the plush carpet makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Saxony and Frieze for Patterns and Textures

Patterned or textured carpets can bring a unique look to a room. Patterns are typically made from a combination of cut loop and loop carpet strands that are arranged in such a way as to create a pattern in the actual carpet itself.

Textured carpet gives more the illusion of a pattern than an actual mix of different types of loops in one sheet of carpeting: textured carpet relies on the manipulation of the individual fibers before the carpet is created. Saxony, textured and frieze carpeting are all examples of textured carpets.

If the look that these carpets provide is to a homeowner’s liking, they can be installed in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. They are generally durable and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Knowing what type of carpet is going to work best in your home is going to take careful consideration. Don’t fall into the trap of just being unable to pass up the “deal” in last Sunday’ newspaper ads.

Instead, analyze the room’s traffic flow and pick a carpet that can stand up to the amount and type of daily traffic. Choose a carpet that matches the existing (or remodeling plan) décor of the room in both color and texture.

Shopping around at home improvement and carpet stores will provide you with a better understanding of the types of carpets available and what they look and feel like. Take the time to investigate all the available options before making a purchase. A wise choice begins with research.

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Alyssa Davis is a home style expert who writes regularly for She is especially knowledgeable on decorating with Mexican metal wall art and western metal wall decor.

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