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Green Landscaping with Reel Lawn Mowers 06/30/08

An Older Reel Lawn Mower

Global warming! Carbon footprint! Soaring gas prices! All these things have conspired to make consumers rethink their choices of lawnscaping equipment. And many are comitting to green landscaping with reel lawnmowers.

Push Mowers

Even I've taken the leap. The sad demise of my late gas-powered Toro lawn mower. took me by surprise. It wasn't a case of just slapping in some replacement parts. No, the chassis rotted out.

I did my homework and shopped around. I considered the Scott Classic model for a while but ended up going with the Brill Razorcut Premium 38. It's the best of German engineering and they claim that it can go eight years between blade sharpening. Cool.

The new generation of human-powered mowers are much easier to use than the ones of yesteryear. They're lighter of course, and built of better materials. But as you might imagine, you get what you pay for.

Environmently Friendly Green Landscaping

My new mower has an optional grass catcher attachment but I didn't go for it. For one thing, it was an additional forty bucks. More importantly, it's best to leave the spent grass clippings on the lawn to mulch.

One thing that surprised me is that my local Home Depot doesn't stock them. You would expect them to, given the recent popularity of reel mowers.

DIY or Professional Lawn Care Service?

You've got to consider whether to take care of your own lawnscaping projects or whether to hire a professional lawn care service. How much time do you have? Is this something you do as a recreational activity? How much money can you invest in landscaping tools?

For myself, I like to do it myself. For one thing, I enjoy it but another reason is that I don't want to contribute to the illegal alien situation. Like it or not, that is who most lawnscaping companies hire.

Does that make me xenophobic? I don't think so. I'm all for legal immigration to ensure a level playing field for hiring practices in the construction industry.

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