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Looking for Roofing Contractors?

10/31/08 RSS Feed

Composition Shingle Roof

Is it time for a new roof before the heavy snow and ice starts to accumulating? Well, I'm not in that boat here on the South Texas Coast. Humidity doesn't put that much weight on the home.

But the roofing contractors are busy here nevertheless. Hurricane Ike has given them a lot of business. The neighborhoods are peppered with blue FEMA plastic tarps.

Use Caution Selecting a Roof Contractor

It's a funny country we live in. Barak Obama is allowed to seal his birth certificate, which proves him to be a U.S. citizen, but you can't afford to be so fast and loose with a home remodeling company.

Other than just checking credentials, you can take it one step further and see what other homeowners in your community have to say about the quality of the job the roofer did. Were they prompt? Did they finish on schedule? Did they clean up? Did they respond quickly on any follow-up issues?

So how can you do that? You could stand at the bus stop or the entry to the grocery store and ask passers-by, but there's a better way. Angies List - Ratings, reviews and sometimes revenge. See what local homeowners say about the service companies they hire. Join now.

Want a Metal Roof?

Typical Metal Roof Metal roofs (steel or aluminum) are getting more market share all the time. They are superior to composition shingle roofs in every area except price. Expect to pay two to three times more. But, if you intend to stay in your home, it's the way to go.

Other Things to Prepare Your Home for Winter

As with any other seasonal change, it's important to take some basic maintenance steps. Here's a few:

  • Rain Gutters.

    Clean 'em out! Hopefully, all the leaves have fallen so you'll only have to do this delightful chore once.
  • Check Your Driveway for Cracks.

    The problem with driveway cracks is that they are susceptible to the expansions and contractions that freezing and thawing bring. This will only make the inevitable repair worse. So do it now.
  • Sharpen Your Tree-Pruning Tools.

    For most trees, especially fruit trees, the dead of the winter is the best time to do major pruning. Makes sense; the sap is down and next year's fruit hasn't set.

Enjoy the Holidays

Yes, tonight is spooky Halloween, but WalMart already has Christmas stuff on display. Everyone is getting their appetites primed for the Thanksgiving feast.

It's no secret that there won't be as much Christmas cash for most folks. So remember the reason we celebrate, to enjoy the company of family and friends, look back on the past year, and gaze optimistically at the future.

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