I Can Fix Up My Home | Heat Pumps are an Advanced Technology for Energy Conservation | Reverse cycle chillers, split systems, cold climate, and all climate heat pumps How Air Conditioner Units Work - SEER rating,Cooling System Maintenance,energy efficiency, and the Energy Star label
How Outdoor Wood Furnaces Save You Money | Reduce homeowners insurance premiums, a cleaner home, and get allergy relief | I Can fix Up My Home How to Disassemble and Remove an Old Ceiling Fan | A step-by-step guide with an emphasis on safety | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Install and Wire Ceiling Fans | Lower utility bills, save on heating and cooling bills, and add curb appeal | I Can Fix Up My Home ICanFixUpMyHome: How to Install a Power Attic Vent - environment friendly solar powered exhaust fans remove hot air and minimize toxic mold build-up
Residential Heating Systems Overview | Boilers, radiators, electric furnaces and baseboard heaters | I Can Fix Up My Home The Downflow Gas Furnace for Residential Heating | An energy-efficient home heater that guards against toxic vent gas | I Can Fix Up My Home
The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Systems | Offering peak energy efficiency and a federal energy tax credit, they are a great solution for room additions | ICanFixUpMyHome.com Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit in Top Shape | An annual HVAC inspection, routine maintenance, and filter changing are key | I Can Fix Up My Home
Top 5 Ceiling Fan Installation Tips | Lower utility bills caused by excessive HVAC use | I Can Fix Up My Home Troubleshoot and Fix a Thermostat | For peak Energy Efficiency for Central Air Conditioners and Heaters, clean and calibrate a thermostat | I Can Fix Up My Home
Types of Air Conditioning Units | Duct Systems, Portable, Window-Mount, and Swamp Coolers | I Can Fix Up My Home Types of Attic Ventilation Vents | Reduce utility bills using ridge vents, electric and solar-powered exhaust fans | I Can Fix Up My Home
Testing Residential Electrical Circuits with a Multimeter | Use a Multimeter to Perform Analog or Digital Electrical Troubleshooting | I Can Fix Up My Home Home Automation Innovations | Labor-saving devices conserve energy and assist the elderly and disabled | I Can Fix Up My Home
What to Look For When Selecting a Garage Door Opener | Consider horsepower, type of drive, noise generated, and how much home security it provides | I Can Fix Up My Home Where Can Do-It-Yourself Homeowners Get Electrical Training? | Community colleges offer the homeownerÂ’s electrical exam | I Can Fix Up My Home
How Fluorescent Lights Work | More energy efficient than incandescent bulbs (6X more light) or line voltage halogens and save money | I Can Fix Up My Home Contemporary Pendant Track Lighting | Modern decor and curb appeal boosted by adding a swag light fixture | I Can fix Up My Home
ICanFixUpMyHome: Dramatic Lighting Solutions for the Christmas Family Room - Holiday and Advent Candles indoors, exterior spotlights for Nativity scenes How to Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting | Mix home security lights with landscape illumination for the right match | I Can Fix Up My Home
The Easy Way to Install a Pendant Light - Modern decor and curb appeal boosted by adding a swag light fixture Installing Undercabinet Lights - Need more working light under kitchen cabinets, at the desk, or in the workshop?
How to Troubleshoot and Fix Christmas Lights | With an analog or digital multimeter, you can be ready for the holiday season in no time I Can Fix Up My Home Natural Light in the Kitchen - Brighten up your kitchen with windows, skylights, and French doors.
Recessed Can Light Installation Tips | Install lighting fixtures that flush-mount to the ceiling | I Can Fix Up My Home ICanFixUpMyHome: Save Money with Low Voltage LED Lights - Landscape lighting, wall sconces, kitchen work areas, and more
I Can Fix Up My Home | The Money Saving Advantages of LED Lighting | Light emitting diode bulbs are energy efficient, long lasting, and make great Christmas lights 5 Easy Ways to Improve Home Security | Video surveillance cameras and outdoor lighting deter home break-ins | I Can Fix Up My Home
DIY Home Security System Installation Tips | Avoid home break-ins using hard-wired or wireless, dome or bullet cameras | I Can Fix Up My Home Keep Your Home Security System up to Date | Your burglar or intruder alarm and home insurance coverage may be compromised during a remodeling project | I Can Fix Up My Home
Protect Your Home from Burglars by Securing the Garage | Use glass breakage detectors, deadbolts, and keep possessions out of sight | I Can Fix Up My Home Surveillance Systems for Home Security | Video surveillance cameras and residential burglar alarms prevent home break-ins | I Can Fix Up My Home
The Essential Home Security Vacation Checklist | Avoid burglaries with these home preparations | I Can Fix Up My Home Using GFCI Receptacles in the Bath and Kitchen - Electrical ground fault receptacles in kitchen and bath home wiring
How to Wire a Bathroom | Electrical building code requires a GFCI-protected outlets and exhaust fans | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Wire a Generator to Your Home | Off the grid alternate power source during a natural disaster | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Wire a Utility Room - The electrical building code for this area should be consulted for rules on laundry areas, GFCI receptacles, and more ICanFixUpMyHome: Map Residential Electrical Circuits - A clear list in the circuit breaker box simplifies home electrical repairs and appliance replacement
How to Replace a Defective Electric Light Switch - Change a Lighting, ceiling fan, or garbage disposal Toggle Controller Standby Emergency Generator Basics | Alternate power during a natural disaster cut off from the national power grid | I Can Fix Up My Home
I Can Fix Up My Home | The Hazards of Residential Aluminum Wiring | Commonly substituted for copper wiring in the mid-60s to the early 70s, it was found to be a fire hazard; its use was banned. The Electrical Code is Critical for Exterior Landscape Lighting | Leave it to the professionals? No chance! Unless their reputation is well-researched.
Tips for Planning Kitchen Wiring and Lighting - Designing and implementing a plan for wiring a kitchen takes forethought, electrical building permit, and inspections Troubleshoot and Repair a Doorbell - Doorbells, also called door chimes, are simple to fix; check the button, transformer, and buzzer.
Types of Residential Conduits - Ways of routing electricity throughout the home depend on application and building code. Typical Electrical Building Codes - Pull building permits and follow the code during new construction or when remodeling a home
Understanding Home Wiring | How a circuit breaker box, circuit breakers, and Romex work to deliver electricity to household appliances and electrical switches and outlets | I Can Fix Up My Home Wiring Considerations for Exterior Landscape Lighting - A step by step guide for choosing electrical switches and installing conduit and wiring.
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