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A Touch of the Past For Your New Home

Mission-Style and Amish Furniture, Quilts and Period Art

© 2013 by Michelle Rebecca; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A traditional bedroom; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

A traditional bedroom; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

This article was updated on 05/11/21.

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On a recent trip to a friend’s county house I was impressed by how quaint and lovely the rustic décor was. Living in the city, I was so used to the post-industrial, ultramodern idea of home design-with its sharp lines and sleek surfaces that I immediately fell in love with how warm and inviting his country home felt.

Here are some tips to make any room feel more rustic and relaxing—even if you live in the bustle of a city.

Choosing the Right Furniture

No rustic style home would be complete without some lovely wooden Southwestern-style furniture. It is the cornerstone on which to build your rustic style room. Another great choice would be mission style furniture, which belongs to the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century.

It was developed as a response to industrialization, and the movement prized simplicity and the handcrafted look. To complement the furniture you might want to make use of wooden frames and baskets.

Try to make everything look humble and quaint. You really need to get into the mindset. A sleek, shiny TV, for instance, would ruin the look, so if you insist on having modern elements, make sure they’re hidden away behind wooden doors. An armoire is a great choice

Quilts. Quilts. Quilts.

What’s more traditional than a quilt? It’s the craft of crafts. Quilting is the ultimate DIY project. It’s a labor of love and it is distinctly American.

There is something about a quilt that instills a sense of comfort It’ like a mac and cheese comfort food dish that goes on the outside of your body on a cold winter night.

But they are not simply utilitarian in their functionality; the thing about quilts is that they’re just so versatile. You can hang them. You can throw them. You can drape them, or you can use them as tablecloths. They display equally well no matter how you choose to lay them out. You have several options for choosing a quilt.

You can buy one from an online crafts marketplace or you can make your own. It’s a labor of love, and if you’ve been looking to start a craft project, a quilt is definitely the way to go.

A quilt can tell a story and is something that can be passed down through the generations. And, creativity? There's no end to the number of sizes, styles, and patterns (both traditional and modern eclectic).

Don’t Forget the Accents

If you’ve got your new rustic furniture and a beautiful quilt on full display, there is only one last element you will need to truly complete the look: artwork, and lots of it. Hang pastoral images on your walls. Anything that will evoke the ideal of a bygone era will do.

In this style, even if you clutter the walls, there is something charming and homey about the way it all comes together. Place some pottery around the room—even better if it’s handmade. You should hang at least one finely framed mirror somewhere.

Once you decorate one room in this style, you might be tempted to redo your entire home. There is something so inviting, so warm and so charming about rustic living. There is no reason not to bring a touch of the past to your new home, no matter where you might live.

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