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Welcome to Our Articles on Drywall and Framing Projects

Standard Disclaimer:

Any project which requires the use of tools carries the potential for injury. Use caution and your safety gear, this site won't be liable!

Featured Articles

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  • 6 Key Tips to Finishing a Drywall Repair Job with Flying Colors DIY professional taping and floating is in your reach.
  • AERT Composite Wood Building Products Use your income tax refund to fix a fence or build a deck with MoistureShield recycled pickets and decking.
  • Apply or Repair Orange Peel Texture Also known as eggshell or splatter texturing, it is sprayed on with a hopper and compressor rig in new construction but other methods are available for small repair and patch jobs.
  • Drywall Texturing Made Easy. Have you ever wanted to give your walls a personalized and professional texture? It's easy and you don't need a drywall texture sprayer!
  • Engineered Wood. This manufactured or composite wood is a green building material used in APA rated siding, I-Joists, glulam and OSB.
  • How to Apply a Stomp Ceiling or Wall Texture An easy alternative to stipple, paint roller, popcorn, or orange peel texture.
  • How to Frame a Basement Your basement represents an opportunity to use all the square footage in your home and increase your home equity by turning it into a game room, home theater, or craft shop.
  • Knockdown Texture Tool. Make a Knockdown Texture Tool. I made this cool tool to match a customer's drywall ceiling that I was tying into. Perfect match!
  • Repairing Drywall Holes. This DIY guide will teach you how to repair drywall holes. Drywall repairs involve using sheetrock, drywall compound, joint tape, and drywall tools.
  • Repair Sheetrock Seams. Cracks in your drywall can be caused by many things, including foundation problems. Fixing them is easy though, just tape and float.
  • Tape and Float Sheetrock. Drywall finishing is an art form, but easily learned. This article provides step by step instructions for taping and floating (or finishing) sheetrock.
  • Types of Drywall Gypsum board for remodeling and new construction.
  • Types of Drywall Textures Hand-applied and spray sheetrock textures.
  • Wood Frame Construction. Learn the fundamentals of stick framing before starting a remodeling project.
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