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Add Curb Appeal with Address Plaques

Residence Identification is Essential for Emergency Response Services, UPS Drivers, and Even the Pizza Delivery Guy

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A home with address numbers and security lights, photo courtesy Kelly Smith

House numbers or a plaque mounted high offers good visibility from the street.

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A well-chosen and well-placed address plaque can add the perfect touch to the front of your home. Not only do these plaques add a touch of style and “curb appeal”, but they also serve a very useful purpose. Installing a plaque is a must-do DIY project. So what are you waiting for?

Without a clearly displayed address plaque, visitors, delivery people, and service providers will have a difficult, if not impossible, time finding your home. In fact, having your house number clearly displayed can even be considered a safety feature, insuring that in the case of an emergency, the police and medical responders can find your house easily.

Does it have to be a one-unit plaque? No, of course not. Sometimes, depending on personal taste and the architectural style of the home, separate numbers work fine. Understated, yet functional without attitude.

Choosing a Style that Fits Your Home

Address plaques are available in a wide variety of styles, ranging from highly sophisticated to downright whimsical. While many address plaques are designed to display only the house number, others can even be personalized with the family’s last name or the street name. It really boils down to personal preference.

There are also many options for displaying a house address number. These include mounting on the front door, the front gate, an address post, or a small sign designed to be displayed in the front lawn or garden. When selecting a location for the address plaque, make sure it can be seen clearly from the sidewalk or street.

After all, it doesn’t do much good to display your house number if it’s hidden behind a bush or a tree or blends in too well. But you should choose a style that blends well with the overall architectural design of your home.

As an example, a sleek modern home would look best with a plaque with crisp, angular lines. On the other hand, a traditional or vintage-styled home would look great with a softer-looking plaque, possibly one with curves, swirls and flourishes.

Homes with a Colonial or Americana decorating style often look great with a plaque which is decorated with an eagle or flag motif. Address plaques that are designed to be displayed in the yard or garden often have decorative accents that help them blend decoratively with the overall landscape design.

Selecting the Outdoor Material that is Right for You

Address plaques are designed to be durable, since they must stand up to the various types of weather without breaking, chipping, or fading. One material that is especially popular is aluminum, due to the fact that it holds up well when exposed to the outdoor elements, without the risk of rust or corrosion. Brass is also a good choice although it may require polishing from time to time.

Aluminum house plaques are also relatively light, making them easier to hang than plaques made of heavier materials. Many plaques are even made from recycled aluminum, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The paints and finishes that are used on the plaques are designed to be durable and attractive.

As a result, a good quality aluminum address plaque might last for the lifetime of the home.

Some Factors to Think About When Choosing Address Plaques

Legibility is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an address plaque. The number should be large and clear, and have good contrast as compared to the plaque background color. Certainly, the numbers on the plaque should be large enough to see from the street, or what’s the point? It should also be under an exterior light for night time visibility.

Having the numbers high on the house is a good idea for visibility from the street. The delivery guy will thank you. As will responding emergency people if, God forbid, you find yourself in need of their services.

Of course, if you have an address post or a plaque on the gate or fence which happens to be closer to the street, there isn’t as much need for size in regards to the numbers. Still, it’s important for the numbers to be clearly visible.

If you found this information about how to add curb appeal with address plaques helpful please pass the link along. Comments or ideas? Add them in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting.

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