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Creating a Superhero Wall Hanging

Dress Up the Bedroom with Vintage Tin Signs, Inexpensive Framed Prints, and Shadowboxes

© 2011 by Alyssa Davis All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission

CondomMan the Superhero, photo courtesy Christian Haugen

A lot of children love superheroes, especially boys between the childhood ages of four and fifteen, and this can give you a fun opportunity for something unique in his bedroom. Creating a superhero wall hanging is a great idea, and it is a project that you can do together or as a surprise in his bedroom.

It usually does not cost a lot of money, unless you choose vintage pieces for the wall hanging, and the project rarely takes longer than a few hours to complete.

How many superheros are available to select from? The list is virtually endless. Many have stood the test of time; some examples are Superman, Batman, and the Green Lantern. These have entertained so well through the years that Hollywood has invested huge sums of money putting them on the big screen.

Invest in Vintage Tin Signs

Superhero Barack Obama battling the economy with the power of stimulus!
These classic pieces of vintage superhero artwork are very interesting, and you can find his favorite superhero featured in action.

Many comic book stores offer tin signs at a great price, usually less than $15 each.

Or, you can check auction websites to find an even better deal. A few of them framed and grouped together makes a very classy wall hanging that he will keep for years, and the tin signs will eventually be considered valuable since they are vintage.

Hang a Shadow Box for Collecting Superhero Memorabilia

A shadow box is a lot like a picture frame with deep inset, so that you can fill it with fun superhero memorabilia to suit his tastes. The box is rarely expensive if you want to fill it yourself.

Or, you can find prepackaged shadow boxes on a variety of websites for less than $50 each. If you want to feature several superheroes, this is a great option that does not cost a lot of money.

Vintage Posters from Comic Shops

Superman for the American way.
Most local comic shops have hundreds of vintage or modern posters for sale, and even the older ones rarely cost more than $20 each.

In fact, most cost less than $10, depending on the character you are looking for and the age of the poster.

Posters can be framed for a more sophisticated, grownup look, or left bare and hung using clear tape or removable adhesive. Use matching frames to add cohesive flow to the bedroom, especially shades that coordinate with his headboard.

Inexpensive Framed Prints on a Budget

This is another fun option, and you can choose scenes from comic book fights, superhero movies, or different poses to frame in his room. Hang it above his bed to inspire his imagination and remind him that he can be whatever he wants to be by dreaming big.

You can choose your own prints easily, simply by using an Internet search engine to find great pictures of superheroes and printing them on photo paper. Matching frames work best, especially multi-window options that give you some variety.

Framed Logos

Most superheroes have a specific logo, shield, or weapon, and these can be great ways to add accessories to the room. For instance, a superhero's logo can easily be stenciled onto a lamp, or his weapon can be purchased as a lamp base.

Some specialty stores sell accessories like this that can be hung on the wall, especially the more popular superheroes. Auction websites can be the best place to get a great deal on this type of wall hanging, since you can find virtually anything for a cheap price if you are patient.

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About the author: senior staff writer, Alyssa Davis, specializes in designing with wolf metal wall art and sun metal wall art.

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