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Decorating Kid’s Rooms — Frugal Ideas that Fit Any Budget

Interior Decorating for Children is Fun and Inexpensive

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Wallpaper Hanging

The fun part about decorating kid’s rooms is that you get to have fun with your child and you get to act like a kid again. Letting your child help in the decision making gives them responsibility, lets them show their own personality, and you can even teach them a thing or two about budgeting.

You daughter probably won’t be thrilled when you suggest that she hang your favorite vintage Davy Jones poster, but you can still give your input. Here are some ideas and tips for decorating kid’s rooms that will fit any budget and still give your child’s room style.

Add Character with Cartoons

Coloring books or comic books are great resources for painting your kid’s room. Let your child choose a simple picture from one or the other and using that picture as a guide, paint it on the wall, dresser or the side of a desk.

If you aren’t an artist, you might want to just trace the picture out onto the wall using carbon paper first, and then paint it.

As an added touch you may be able to find pictures and wall murals in your child’s favorite character or theme from the coloring or comic book that would blend in nicely with your own artwork.

Sleep Tight Under Starry Skies

The starry skies theme is always in style and easy to create. You start by painting the walls a dark blue and then stencil stars all around. You can even get the stick-on glow in the dark stars and have your child help you place them all around the room. Paint the furniture along the same lines using any night theme.

You could even hang a large mural of the planets with a mobile of your child’s favorite aircraft vehicles in the center of the room as a finishing touch.

Shelves that Frame Beautifully

Add shelves above the windows to store stuffed animals, bric-a-brac, toys, figurines, and even books. The shelves frame the windows and if you have heavy curtains on the windows, it will just look cluttered.

If you want to use this idea, you might want to hang very simple curtains in light-weight fabrics for the best effect.

Writing as Art

Apply lettering using carbon copy paper. The easiest way to do this is to decide what it is you want to write and find a font you like on the computer. Choose the letters that make up your word and print them out in the size you want.

Place the carbon paper onto the wall with the carbon side facing the surface. Place the letter you want on top of the carbon paper and trace the outline onto the wall.

You can then paint inside the letters with acrylic paints, regular paints, and even permanent markers. You can use the technique on any hard surface in your child’s room.

It really is easy decorating kid’s rooms and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Adding personal touches are what makes the room special and you can usually make that happen even on the strictest of budgets.

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