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Increasing Your Home’s Value on a Budget

Raising Home Equity Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive; Just Focus on One Part of Your Home at a Time

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Real estate for sale; photo © Kelly Smith

Starting With the Kitchen

The first place that you want to look at when you are working on increasing your home’s value is the kitchen. You can accentuate the beauty of a kitchen by making some changes, and you can do this with a small investment.

Since the kitchen is one of the first places that any potential home buyer will look at, you want to make it as clean as possible.

Start working on the kitchen cabinets by giving them a new coat of paint and designs. You can do this instead of buying a new set of kitchen cabinets. A popular third option is to reface the existing cabinets.

Updating Your Bathrooms

The bathrooms are next on the list. It is vital to have your bathrooms updated as well to help increase the value of your home. You can update your bathroom’s design by changing a few things, which won’t cost much.

Some of the simple changes can include replacing a toilet seat, installing a new pedestal sink and replacing the old tile with new tiles. Other ideas? If you live in a cold area, consider installing heating elements under your tile floor.

One way to update the overall appearance is to change out the plumbing fixtures to a matching set of sink faucet, toilet flush handle, shower head, and bathtub spout and water knobs.

Living Room Renovation

The living room is usually the first area of the home that a potential buyer will see when they walk in the front door. You can begin by investing in a coffee table, which can also come out very affordable.

Next, you can start giving your living room a complete makeover. Although it may sound expensive, giving your living room a makeover can be at little to no cost to you.

Simple things like sealing up cracks in the corners or applying a fresh coat of paint on your living room walls will give your living room that clean and elegant ambiance.

If your carpeting is beginning to look shabby, why not replace it by installing laminate flooring. It’s inexpensive, trendy, and is easily installed as a DIY project requiring few tools and carpentry skills, saving you labor costs.

The Bedrooms

You can increase the value of your home by making a few changes in your bedroom. You can start by adding a ceiling fan and a couple of luxurious wall sconces. A beautiful light fixture in any room is great for increasing the value of your home.

Do you have small bedroom? It’s possible to make more efficient use of the space and give it a larger appearance if you know a few simple tricks. This is especially important if you are selling your home.

Small, cramped bedrooms are a turn-off to both you and prospective buyers. The first thing to concentrate on is making effective use of your space with effective storage solutions.

Any size bedroom will look larger and more inviting by repainting it with a lighter color and a slicker sheen, such as satin; avoid flat paints. Hanging a mirror or two is not only an assist while getting dressed, it will visually open up the space.

House and Land Packages

Increasing your home’s value will also include the exterior design of your home, which can be considered as a house and land package. You can do simple things for the exterior design of your home and with minimal damage to your budget.

Simply by being constant on the daily upkeep of your yard, you will be able to make your home nice and presentable. Investing in small plants and garden ornaments will accentuate the overall layout of your home.

About the author:

Jennie is a realtor based in Western Australia. For more information regarding house and land packages in Western Australia, visit LWP Property Group.

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