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Pirate-Themed Bedrooms for Boys

The Pirates of the Caribbean Movies Spark a Decorating Trend

© 2011 by Jessica Ackerman all rights reserved

Pirates raise the skull and crossbones flag, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and popular television shows for adults and teens often include pirates and similar themes. Although many girls enjoy these themes, they are tremendously popular for older boys and teenage boys, and pirate-themed bedrooms for boys are a great and trendy idea.

It is not difficult or extremely costly to incorporate a pirate theme for a boy’s bedroom, so long as you know a few simple foundation pieces to get started with, including the following:

Skull and Crossbones

Almost everyone knows what the Jolly Roger pirate flag looks like, and it is one of the more recognizable pirate fundamentals to start designing the room around.

There are several different ways to incorporate this staple into a boy’s bedroom, depending on age, and the rest of your theme. The most simple, of course, is to hang a pirate flag, such as from a bedpost, as a curtain, and so forth.

You can also think outside the norm for a fundamental piece, such as by using the skull and crossbones as a type of headboard.

A few retailers offer adhesive headboards that cling to the wall without really sticking, so that the wall isn’t damaged if you decide to move the strip later. They are not really a type of sticker, like the Fathead wall graphics, but can easily be used as an accessory anywhere in the room.

Ships and Gangplanks

Another common theme for any room that has a pirate theme is a pirate ship, or at least a gangplank or deck. You can easily introduce a ship into your pirate theme, even if it’s a small touch such as a ship’s helm (steering wheel).

Wall murals and similar artwork can enhance the real feeling of the theme, and can transport your pirate fan to a whole different world.

It is a bit abstract, but billowy curtains and similar accessories easily resemble a ship’s sails, and they make a great finishing touch. If you want to add a finishing touch that makes the curtain look more nautical, choose a fabric that has a nautical print, such as one with a ship’s anchor theme.

The closer the fabric is to canvas the more realistic the theme becomes, especially for those older boys and teens who are really plugged into that way of life.

Famous Pirates

Many people choose anonymous pirates for the themed bedroom, but a few choose pirates who are better known than the average gnarled and grizzly pirates. Examples of these include Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Redbeard, Captain Kidd, Captain Bligh, Davy Jones, and Sir Henry Morgan, who plundered Spanish gold on the isthmus of Panama.

Most of this depends on the boy’s favorite movies, books, or stories. Of course, if your interior decorating is aimed at a girl, Mary Read and Anne Bonney are good choices.

The best idea in this basic fundamental is to get input from the boy in question, to get a better idea of who he is interested in. if you cannot find anything that would coordinate with that particular pirate, choose a silhouette or similar idea that could represent the pirate and find a different way to introduce the name itself.

About the author:

With signature design style, Jessica Ackerman, an online writer with, describes bold approaches to kitchen wall metal art and restaurant metal art decor.

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